Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wild Black Yunnan - David's Tea

Now ladies and gentlemen i present to you my first  up to date tea review for this blog.  Their is much more backlog'd  reviews to come, but I thought I'd share what i was drinking this moment.

   Today's tea  is:

Wild Black Yunnan  that i purchased from David's Tea in Brandon, MB

  This will be my set up for today's session. I am using the paper towel to try and stop the cups from slurping up any spills and getting stuck inside.

Closeup of the tea.

First infusion : 30s @ 95c :  Dark woody smokey flavor, classic black dryness on the tongue. hint of nutmeg on the finish.

Second infusion: 1m:  Full bodied slightly citrus tang to it very faint dried fruit.  still smokey.

Third infusion:  :1,30:  Dominate citrus, smoke has evaporated.  I think this tea is done.

Now for leaf pr0n :

Thoughts:  a lovely tea if your looking for something mildly smokey that develops into citrus notes.  The paper towel under the cups helped minimize the ingress of spillage into them.  So top tip  if your double walled cups like to suck up water and spills, put them on a towel or some sort of absorbent medium to minimize that.

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