Sunday, 21 October 2012

NABOB Costa Rica S.O. Coffe review part 2 of 3 Pour over!

Visit my previous entry here  to get the general specs and whatnot of this coffee.

Today's review is using a vintage melitta #2 pour over drip.

Specs go as follows:

Water Temp: 95-98c  due to the heat leach of putting it in the pouring kettle.
Amount Used:  each test was 14.5g   and water was around 250ml final output.

                   Attempt 1

Grinder: 7 clicks from closed.

Pour:  Grind too course cup was poured in half the needed time.

Taste:  Dark roasted coffee with a weak body.

              Attempt 2

Grinder: 6 clicks from closed.

Pour:  Similar to before  grind still too course.

Taste:  Thin body with a light citrus fruitiness.

        Attempt 3

Grinder:  5 clicks.

Pour:  Better

Taste: Not overly roasted in flavor. Same citrus fruityness body is still a bit lacking.

Thoughts:  After the initial tasting of this last cup i can say once this coffee has time to sit in the cup and cool down a bit  the citrus nature really becomes dominate.   If you don't  mind  a bit of a thin cup of joe and enjoy citrus tones in your coffee  this method of prep with this coffee can produce some satisfactory results.  I found the acidity that was present in the espresso to have all but disappeared with this method.  A nice polite cup of coffee.

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