Monday, 22 October 2012

Nepal Black -David's Tea.

Since there was a large discussion on the tea group on facbook about  Davids Tea and their "Pusher" style attitude to flavored teas.  

Today's tea  is from the David's tea lineup and by far their highest quality black tea.

         Nepal black:
There are good things brewing in the Highlands of Nepal. Like this hand-made black tea, from a small family-owned tea garden named Jun Chiyabari. From the first sip you’ll notice its rich, sweet, honey-like flavour. What doesn’t come through in the cup is how much good this little tea garden does. They’ve set up a ton of amazing community programs to benefit local schools, underprivileged families, and the elderly. This particular tea is a DAVIDsTEA exclusive – now that’s a good thing.

Amount used: 5.5g  in Dayi gaiwan

First infusion: 95c 30s

Light floral with classic black tones  that have a citrus finish.

Second Infusion: 1m

Floral's has diminished  but the sides of the tongue citrus has increased.

Third Infusion 1:30

Citrus and black tea a bit weak. time to up the time.

Fourth Infusion:  2:30

Floral's are back so is the citrus.

Fifth Infusion:  5 min


  Very pleasing tea and from a very surprising source.   But what really gets me  is the quality of the leaf  used.  these are some large leafs and  mostly whole too.  more than that can be said for most blacks. 


  1. If you enjoyed Nepal Black, you might really enjoy our Gyokuro Black tea. It's incredibly rare, and although not available in all stores, it can be found online >>

    1. I have been eyeing that on the site. If i find it in a store i will be sure to pick some up, but I cant justify a online order with your current inventory.

  2. So very lovely, this tea and presentation of it. Thank you.

    1. thank you. I try to give every tea I make as much as a chance to impress me as possible