Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nabob Guatemala Single Origin whole bean coffee review part 3-3 Stovetop

The final part to this review

18.4g ground 5 clicks

Fill water slightly under line.

Grinds in cup.

Put on high heat.

Coffee starts flowing

Lower heat

Nearly done

In the cup.

Taste: Flavor up front is a dark chocolate up front that goes into a tangy lightly fruity flavor that has a smokey finish.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  So after going though this coffee i have to say its not really my thing.  It's a good tasting cup  but I am one for more fruits citrus and acidity than these dark  roasty flavors.  Bright is what some would call my prefered cup.  Still this is a good coffee of surprising quality from this brand.  This coffee shines best in a espresso setting.  may be a good base for blends.

Nabob Guatemalan Single Origin whole bean coffee review pt 2-3 Pourover.

The second part to this review of this coffee.

Prep method:  14.5g  in a Melita pour over and 250ml

Grinder setting;  5 clicks

Pour:  Good took about 3min.

Taste:  Mellow with citrus and chocolate.  Citrus flavors come out more as the cup cools.  Cup is a bit thin body wise  but the acidity is also low its a smooth drinkable cup.

Thoughts:  This method of brewing is OK but i would likely have to up dose it to get a cup i prefer.

Nabob Guatemalan Single origin whole bean coffee. Pt1-3 Espresso

Today is the second of the two Nabob S.O. coffee's i bought  this one from Guatemala. 

Prep method:  Espresso  12.5g 

Grinder setting: 4 clicks 

Pull:  Really slow  machine struggled to even pull a half shot.  

Taste: WHACK! in the face but not overly bitter just extremely strong.  

2nd attempt 

Grinder: 5 clicks 

Shot: Nice crema proper speed. 

Taste Berry citrus that melds into a light smokey cocoa medium acidity and medium body. 

Thoughts:  works well as a espresso shot. 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Branches of Serenity- It's About Tea.

There's twigs in my tea! No no calm down.  This is the tea.  This is a rarely seen tea other than in Thailand I do knot know the romanized name of it  but the literal translation is supposedly "branches of serenity"  but I do know that this tea is a version of Bao Zhong  that is carried by it's about tea  the only thing is the only way to get this tea is to either go down to the shop and ask for it by name.  Or perhaps work a deal out through email or phone.

Ammount: 6.6g in dayi gaiwan @ 85c

First infusion: 1:30

FRUITY!!! sweet and lightly nutty creamy thick mouthfeel.

Second infusion: 1m

sweet nutty and creamy floral finish.

Third infusion 1:30

Fruity floral thick and creamy.

Fourth infusion: 2m

sweet creamy nutty floral  light green-ness.

Fifth infusion: 3m

the grassyness has come out a bit more but still sweet creamy and thick.

Sixth infusion : 5m 90c

nutty and grassy mouthfeel is still the same.


Thoughts:  Though this tea has lots more to give it dose not seem to be developing significantly beyond being nutty creamy grassy floral and fruity.  To be honest though this may be a tea of "lower quality"  I absolutely adore this.   The tea liquor feels less a liquid more a gel  its thick almost chewy mouthfeel is substantial and lovely.  I would say i may even prefer this to the higher quality version of Bao Zhong.

Jing-Shuen Oolong - It's About Tea

Tonight I will be going over this Oolong I got from It's About Tea Jing-Shuen.  a Formosa Oolong
 here is their blurb: Our Jing Shuen Oolong is from a certified organic farm located in the central mountains of Taiwan. It’s a 2009 spring harvested oolong. This is an excellent oolong for anytime of the day. It has a light fruity fragrance and a “creamy”, sweet, clean aftertaste. Jing Shuen has a lower oxidation and roasting level, so it resembles a green tea in its lightness of flavour. The dried leaf is tightly crunched into small pellets. Once the leaf is infused it unfurls into uniform full leaves. The liquor is a lovely golden yellow colour. The leaves can be infused multiple times (4 or more) and still release an excellent “fruity” liquor. Jing Shuen Oolong is a good one to begin with, before experiencing the heavier flavours of Dong Ding or Tie Guan Ying.

As you can see a tightly rolled Oolong has a lovely floral citrus aroma,  Lets brew this.

Amount :  6.1g in Dayi gaiwan. 85c water.

First steep:  1m

Floral  and lightly nutty in flavor a hint of maltyness.

Second steep: 1m

Leaves are starting to open up, more florals and a hint of dryness on the tip of the tongue a ghost of a citrus tang.  very light toasted rice in there too.

Third steep: 1m

Nutty and toasty over the florals with a hint of dry citrus  and on the extended finish you get a waft of leafy greens like spinach

Fourth steep:  1:30

Citrus and roasted nuts, dryness has not increased or decreased.

Fifth steep: 2m

Nutty kinda sweet almost lactose flavor.

Sixth steep: 3m 90c

Similar to above but a citrus twinge in the middle.

Seventh steep: 5m

Vegital with citrus backnotes

Eighth steep: 10m

Green and dry still got quite a bit of life left in this.

Leafs:  Large with about 50% being attached to large stems.

Thoughts:  A lovely light flavored Oolong  that just goes and goes for ages and not terribly expensive.