Monday, 22 October 2012

NABOB Costa Rica S.O. coffee review part 3 of 3 Stovetop

Here is the final installment of this coffee review.   Today's prep method is using my 3 cup Bialetti break.

So some may ask. "What is stovetop coffee?"  well to be short of it, Stovetop coffee is a method of brewing where water is heated to create steam pressure forcing water up a siphon basket through a puck of ground coffee through an other tube into a top chamber.  Kinda similarly to how a vacuum pot works, but i don't have one so that's for when i do finally get one.  Back on track,  this method uses a relativity large amount of coffee per ML  comparability to drip style coffee. There is one major drawback to this method of brewing though.  You can NOT brew  a half pot. (there is one model you can but its got a special partition in the basket) The basket has to be filled in order to work properly. Some people call this "stovetop espresso" which if you decide to get technical on it  this method is not espresso.  The definition of "espresso" is  a single shot (7-10g) through 9 bar pressure to make .8-1.5oz of coffee or a double shot (12-17g) through 9 bar pressure over 20-30s for 1.8-2.5oz.  That is espresso.  The main difference between stovetop and real espresso is that crucial 9bar pressure.

           Prep Method:

Grinder setting:   5 clicks from closed.

Amount used: 18.4g

Fill water Reservoir just below steam vent.

Fill basket full or slightly heaping depending on your preference in strength.

Screw on top portion making sure to keep coffee off the gasket.

Heat water.

When boiling happens turn off/lower heat depending on stove kind.  (element turn off, gas turn down wait a small amount of time then turn off)

Wait till all gurgle-ing and spouting has stopped.

Pour and enjoy!

Remember to clean out your basket once its cooled.

Thoughts:  Heavy body  more dark roasted coffee and chocolate flavors than citrus  very low acidity.  a strong cup of coffee.  Playing with the grind would likely tweak the flavors. perhaps a coarser grind for more acidity?  As cup cools  more delicate flavors come out.  And on another note if you find the coffee too strong you can cut it down by adding some hot water to it.  This may also mellow out the heaviness to it. 

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