Sunday, 28 October 2012

one way of telling your menghai pu-erh cake is genuine!

Ever wondered if your extra special version of your favorite Menghai pu-erh tea is genuine?  one easy way to find out is have a black light handy.   (Your black light must be of the florescent or LED kind since incandescent can not produce UV light. )

Here we have a cake of  menghai 8582  on the back side there is a seal  which under normal light looks like it uses techniques used on currency to prevent counter-fitting   but they go a extra step further.  Run that seal under a UV light, and watch.  If genuine your seal's "Dayi" emblem  should light up yellow some other versions actually have a square that fluoresces with the word "DAYI"  in it. This is also the case for the seals actually on the tea cake.   Lets take a look.

Tea cake: 

Black light bought from walmart for $7:

Seal under black light: 

Seal on cake under normal light: 

Under florescent.

And that folks is one of the ways to tell if your Menghai is authentic. 

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