Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hello and Talisker

   Hello everyone, my name is lance and this blog will be primarily composed of  tea, coffee, and booze reviews.

   So  lets start this off with a booze review, well just because that's what I'm drinking right now.

    Talisker 10 year old

Region:  Speyside.

ABV: 45.8%

Colour: Amber, likely caramel added

Neat nose:  Sharp almost petrol note dominates. Once you break through the prevalent petrol layer, you get into a mild peat and smoke,  and below that is a caramel note and a really muted vanilla undertone.

Taste neat:  Arrival is harsh fiery and peppery and faintly sweet, but soothes into a pleasant caramel and vanilla,  not much peat in the flavor.

Water added: about half a teaspoon.

Nose Water added:  10 minutes has elapse since the water has been added,  Still has that petrol like odor but I'm getting a bit of citrus under it.  Smoke and peat has all but disappeared, vanilla and caramel are faint.

Taste water added:   Arrival is sweet that travels into a peppery bite peat and smoke are more pronounced  than before the finish has developed more of a dry peaty-ness than before.

Finish: Medium, sticks around for a bit but doesn't linger longer than a few minutes.

Peat scale: (if applicable)  4/10 in intensity  its there you do notice it but its not a peat monster.
peat scale legend : 0= no peat 1= highland park  10= laprohaig 10yo CS

Thoughts:  a good (subjectively) malt that has a love it or hate it attitude. Some may love it for its unique flavor. Others may hate it for its overly petrol notes.  I for one  like the stuff,  being a peat head i can appreciate the rather unique presentation here, and with the bottling at 45.8% a little goes further than usual.

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