Thursday, 25 October 2012

Twinings English Breakfast Tea time with mom

Twining's  known for making  bagged teas of acceptable quality. Todays tea was at moms because I visit there to have tea and watch the new CW shows.

Tea:  Twinings English Breakfast Tea.

Amount: 8g in a 2 cup teapot.

Prep:  100c  for 5 min

Thoughts:   Strong bitter black tea flavor, with citrus tangs to it.  next time use less tea or shorter infusion time.

2nd infusion: 5 min  nothing going on here  this is a one steeper.

Final thoughts:  well after reading a article about proper etiquette wile sharing a cuppa with her majesty the queen of England  I had a sudden urge to drink a English blend tea.  Since i don't have any i found a tin of Twinings in the store and decided to try it. And here we are.   After looking over the packaging I see this printed above the label and below the royal crest.  "By appointment To her majesty queen Elizabeth II"   I may not be the most cultured of men but I sure hope her majesty has a royal quality blend that she has for her get together's and private entertaining if she is indeed sipping Twinings.  which after some digging she dose not drink twinings she drinks a special blend from "Fortnum & Mason"

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