Monday, 26 November 2012


Duvel  a beer i'v been wanting to try ever since getting into beer   rated at  8.5%abv  from Belgium  expirary date 12/2013

Pour: hazy straw colour  with a 2 finger fluffy head that lasts leaves small pieces of lacing.

Aroma:  citrus yeasty

Taste: sweet malt yet still retains the sour belgian yeast  mild citrus and earthy.  then wine like alcohol  warm going down. with a aftertaste of uncooked grain.

Mouthfeel:  thick highly carbonated.  goes down fairly easily  but you know its a creeper.

final thoughts:   good ale to warm you up in winter  not as amazing as i'v heard but good solid beer that will put you on your backside if not careful.  4/5

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tarry Lapsang Souchong-It's About Tea.

 To finish the night off  lets have some lapsang souchong from  It's About Tea this is what the vendor has to say about it

A taste adventure for the connoisseur of teas. This rich tea has a pine smoke aroma and a tarry flavor. It's a great tea to serve with savory dishes or around the campfire! This tea has a full smoky flavour reminiscent of an evening spent close to the campfire.

Amount: 5g in dayi gaiwan at 95c

First infusion: 30s

Woody smokey not bitter or dry sweet  hint of citrus on the finish.

Second infusion: 30s

Smokey sweet mellow flavor.

Third infusion 1m

Sweet and smokey not too much else.

Fourth infusion:  3m
Smoke  this teas done.

Final thoughts:  This is one of the most well mannered Lapsang's i'v had  it had balanced flavor profile not too much smoke  and it wasn't bitter at all.  a good one to get people into the style of tea.

Dong Ding -It's About Tea

Second tea of today is  Dong Ding  from It's About Tea  Dong ding is one of my personal favorite oolongs  here is what the vendor has to say about it.

Formosa Dong Ding Oolong – One of the finest oolongs in the world, from the Dongding region of Taiwan. It is grown at an altitude of over 4,000 feet. Highly aromatic, full-bodied with a lingering aftertaste.

Amount:  5g in Dayi gaiwan 85c

First infusion: 1:30

Light floral creamy slightly toasted..

Second infusion: 1 m

Nutty floral creamy

Third infusion 2m

Foral and sweet

Fourth infusion 3m

Sweet floral and lightly green tasting.

Fifth infusion 4m.

Sweet green with a mineral like note

Sixth infusion 5m 90c

Minerals i think its best to cut this one short.

Final thoughts:  not the best Dong Ding i'v ever had but its a solid tea.   not as floral or nutty as other's i'v had and also not as long winded as others but still good solid tea.

Quangzhou Milk Oolong- David's Tea.

Starting the last day of the Tea-0-thon  is  David's Tea's Quangzhou milk oolong.  when i opened the package i was met with a very aromatic orange creamcycyle like aroma.   here is what davids tea has to say about it:

This ultra rare Oolong From the Wuyi Mountains of China is velvety smooth and lightly creamy,  with a subtle hint of orchid.  

Amount:  5.2g in dayi gaiwan at 85c.  

First infusion: 1:30

Lactose and fruity  light and delicate but thick mouthfeel. 

Second infusion: 1m

Light creamy and slightly orange flavor 

Third infusion: 2m 

Still light in flavor but its moved a more oxidized fruitiness. 

Fourth infusion  3m

Fruity kinda peach flavor. 

Fifth infusion: 4 m

Still fruity peach flavor. 

Sixth Infusion: 5m 
Sweet but a hint of dryness  not as fruity 

7th infusion :7m 90c 
Slightly nutty flavor but its pretty much done.  

Final thoughts:  Very good tea  has a great aroma and is really fruity. thick mouthfeel and sweet.  no need for anything in this tea  its sweet and creamy  recommended for those trying to transition from flavored teas to straight teas.  

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Keemun (Hao Ya B) - It's About Tea

To finish today off  is Keemun (Hao Ya B) from It's About Tea  here is the writeup they provide on this tea :

Keemun (STD-1110) Hao Ya B 2009 – Known as the “Burgundy of Tea” due to its superb bouquet. Our Keemun is produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province, China. Keemun is a unique black tea produced from small leaf green tea bushes unlike Assam’s from India which are produced from large leaf tea bushes. Keemun is harvested and processed towards the end of April, a little later than most other varieties of China Teas. Keemun is lower in caffeine but is full in flavour. The dry leaf is small and twisted in shape and produces a deep red liquor. The flavour is sweet with a slight “plumy” note and a hint of cocoa, with no bitterness. The flavour is strong enough to stand up to the addition of milk and/or sugar.

Amount: 5g in dayi gaiwan 95c 

First infusion : 30s 

Light delicate flavor  slightly roasted or smokey  with dark ripe fruit  flavors 

Second Infusion: 30s 

creamy and fruity.  light dryness 

Third infusion: 1m 

more lactose bit more dryness and less fruity.  

Fourth infusion: 2m. 

lightly smokey  less dry  and slightly sweet on the finish.  

Final thoughts:  A lovely delicate and intricate tea  that has some staying power to put up with additives   not that i would want to put anything in this.  this would place 3rd in my black tea list currently  definitely recommended for a black tea fan.  

Formosa Grade A black tea- It's About Tea

for the second tea of today  my all time favorite black tea.  Grade A Formosa from it's about tea and here is what they have to say:

This tea is smooth and full-bodied with sweet tones and finish.

Amount: 5g in dayi gaiwan 95c

First infusion: 30s

Slightly dry floral citrus honey.  reminds me of earl grey.

Second infusion: 30s

Big floral citrus earl grey note.

Third infusion:  1m

Floral  lightly creamy and dry sweetness.

4th infusion  1:30

Creamy floral and citrus.

5th infusion: 2m

Floral and creamy not much other flavors left.   could definitely go longer if i wanted. 

Final thoughts:   By far the most fragrant straight tea i'v had the pleasure of trying.  dry its like fruit loops.  This is Definitely a self drinking tea.  very well mannered and a great step up for those who enjoy the flavor of earl grey tea.