Friday, 19 October 2012

Cheap and easy way to clean your coffee grinder!

Grinder cleaning can be a hassle! So why not make it easier?

First things first wile this may be quick and easy nothing beats a full disassemble and  through cleaning.

Many have heard or maybe even used a product called "GRINDZ", which is a compacted substance in the shape of beans that you run through your grinder every so often. To clean out any rancid oils that may be ruining your cup of joe.  Well the principle here is the same.  Rice makes an excellent candidate for soaking up and removing coffee oil in grinder. When ground through the rice gets into all the cracks and cranny's in the burs and feed hopper. soaking up and exfoliating away the nasty's.  Doing this before a full disassemble is great because the rice removes the oils and nasty's  then all you have to do is brush or blow/vacuum out the rice powder and your golden.

First Step!  Get some rice.

Second Step:  Put rice in grinder.

Third Step:  Grind rice.

Fourth Step:  Clean out container.

Fifth Step:  Grind some beans to clean out rice particle. (or disassemble and sweep blow or vacuum it out)

Sixth Step:  Your grinder is ready for duty!

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