Monday, 29 October 2012

Jing-Shuen Oolong - It's About Tea

Tonight I will be going over this Oolong I got from It's About Tea Jing-Shuen.  a Formosa Oolong
 here is their blurb: Our Jing Shuen Oolong is from a certified organic farm located in the central mountains of Taiwan. It’s a 2009 spring harvested oolong. This is an excellent oolong for anytime of the day. It has a light fruity fragrance and a “creamy”, sweet, clean aftertaste. Jing Shuen has a lower oxidation and roasting level, so it resembles a green tea in its lightness of flavour. The dried leaf is tightly crunched into small pellets. Once the leaf is infused it unfurls into uniform full leaves. The liquor is a lovely golden yellow colour. The leaves can be infused multiple times (4 or more) and still release an excellent “fruity” liquor. Jing Shuen Oolong is a good one to begin with, before experiencing the heavier flavours of Dong Ding or Tie Guan Ying.

As you can see a tightly rolled Oolong has a lovely floral citrus aroma,  Lets brew this.

Amount :  6.1g in Dayi gaiwan. 85c water.

First steep:  1m

Floral  and lightly nutty in flavor a hint of maltyness.

Second steep: 1m

Leaves are starting to open up, more florals and a hint of dryness on the tip of the tongue a ghost of a citrus tang.  very light toasted rice in there too.

Third steep: 1m

Nutty and toasty over the florals with a hint of dry citrus  and on the extended finish you get a waft of leafy greens like spinach

Fourth steep:  1:30

Citrus and roasted nuts, dryness has not increased or decreased.

Fifth steep: 2m

Nutty kinda sweet almost lactose flavor.

Sixth steep: 3m 90c

Similar to above but a citrus twinge in the middle.

Seventh steep: 5m

Vegital with citrus backnotes

Eighth steep: 10m

Green and dry still got quite a bit of life left in this.

Leafs:  Large with about 50% being attached to large stems.

Thoughts:  A lovely light flavored Oolong  that just goes and goes for ages and not terribly expensive.

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