Thursday, 18 October 2012

Oppa Gong Fu Syle

Today well not today but previously I did a tutorial on my method of gong fu brewing.  I will be including a brief text review later on also. 

Menghai 69th anniversary. no pics of it because i did a video for a friend. 
its still a bruiser of a being. after about 4-5 infusions my mouth went numb. ill finish it off later. 
anyways its still astringent but nicely if not over infused. its a bit floral and it a bit smokey. I'm out of practice on my tea and i didn't take any notes so excuse the lame description. 
I'm feeling a bit light headed.... maybe i should of eased myself back into tea instead of jumping straight into the hard stuff.

 im starting to notice the being ageing a bit now its got earthy tones woody even... and after a while it takes a almost sweet smoke almost hickory bbq sauce ish aftertaste

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