Thursday, 18 October 2012

A-Li-Shan - its about tea

Post from  04-16-2012

Big shout out  to It's About Tea  from Brandon Manitoba Canada.  Their site is  they can be found here: 
728 - 18th Street, 
Brandon, MB, 

Now onto the tea.
6.8g in Dayi gaiwan 80c 

1st infusion. 85c 2 min: color: pale green aroma: light vegital and toasted bread taste: lightly grassy no astringency slight tingle 

2nd infusion 1:30s color medium pale green taste: astringent grassy-ness with hints of nuts

3rd infusion 90c 1m color pale green taste: light astringency and nutty

4th infusion 1:30s nuttiness has dominated.

nice leaves

and my current setup. 

yes its a parker 51 and my writing is horrible 

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