Thursday, 18 October 2012

Imperial High Mountain Ti Kuan Yin-

So for the next little while i will be posting my backlog of reviews from a site i frequent that has a decent tea/coffee/booze community. 

This review dates back to  08-30-2012, 

Imperial high mountain ti kuan yin. Purchased from 
 8g in dayi gaiwan 80c starting 

1st infusion 2m: smokey sweet minerals citrus and side of tongue dryness 

2nd infusion 30s: SWEET! almost no dryness or minerals smoke has disappeared. citrus is still on the finish 

3rd infusion 1m: mushroom and dryness again with that citrus finsih and smoke on the extended finish 

4th infusion 1:30 85c : raise in temp has brought out bitter notes no longer sweet. more dryness also. 

5th infusion 2m: woody dry. 

6th infusion 5m: very dry and citrus
and a leaf shot too 

7th infusion 5m: sweetness is back. still slightly dry.

8th 10M : tea is done.

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