Monday, 29 October 2012

Branches of Serenity- It's About Tea.

There's twigs in my tea! No no calm down.  This is the tea.  This is a rarely seen tea other than in Thailand I do knot know the romanized name of it  but the literal translation is supposedly "branches of serenity"  but I do know that this tea is a version of Bao Zhong  that is carried by it's about tea  the only thing is the only way to get this tea is to either go down to the shop and ask for it by name.  Or perhaps work a deal out through email or phone.

Ammount: 6.6g in dayi gaiwan @ 85c

First infusion: 1:30

FRUITY!!! sweet and lightly nutty creamy thick mouthfeel.

Second infusion: 1m

sweet nutty and creamy floral finish.

Third infusion 1:30

Fruity floral thick and creamy.

Fourth infusion: 2m

sweet creamy nutty floral  light green-ness.

Fifth infusion: 3m

the grassyness has come out a bit more but still sweet creamy and thick.

Sixth infusion : 5m 90c

nutty and grassy mouthfeel is still the same.


Thoughts:  Though this tea has lots more to give it dose not seem to be developing significantly beyond being nutty creamy grassy floral and fruity.  To be honest though this may be a tea of "lower quality"  I absolutely adore this.   The tea liquor feels less a liquid more a gel  its thick almost chewy mouthfeel is substantial and lovely.  I would say i may even prefer this to the higher quality version of Bao Zhong.

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