Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Recycling Find and Some Tea.

Today I made a good score!  My mother works at the local recycling depot and so random things come in,  today looking through the random house wares that come in, I found a nice china cup and saucer, since i don't have any china i added them to the take home pile.  i also found a medium to large teapot.  It looked nice so it went in too.  So i left a donation  took them home washed them up and here they are. 

I am not usually a fan of British style tea brewing but sometimes you just want to sit back with a large cup of tea and not think about it.  those times British is the best. 

So to christen this teapot mine lets make some tea! 
      Golden sail brand...Something.  Yea i know really bad tea  but that's all i have in the quantity's that the teapot requires. 

Amount : 16.3g 

Steep time: 5 min 

Thoughts:  It's nice drinking tea from a cup with a handle.  Maybe i should use this cup for pu-erh and black gong fu sessions?  OK OK fine I'll get to the tea sheesh.   A good tea by teabag standards by my standards?  well lets just say this may come out for company whom dose not care about tea.  OK OK fine i'll really get into it.  Classic black tea bitterness taste with a light hint of lemon on the second cup.  Happy now? 
I don't feel like writing more on this tea so have some tea pr0nz: 

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