Sunday, 15 June 2014

Nickle brook headstock

7% avb  80ibu?

appearance:  cloudy orange body with a off white fluffy head. 

Smell: piney resonous hops over  a caramell malt body. 

Taste: Bright pine and resenous hops  over a sweet malt body with a bitter finish. 

Mouthfeel:  full body with a medium carbonation. 

Overall:  a well put together IPA with a pleasent lingering bitterness but to say its 80 ibu  i just dont see it.  3.7/5   

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Red racer ipa

Appearance:  clear copper  with a fluffy yellowish head.

Smell: pine hops over a faint caramell malt base. 

Taste:  resenous hops with a mild bitterness hop dominated flavor.  

Mouthfeel:  high carbonation with a medium body. decently drinkable. 

Overall:  a nice well mannered IPA leans more to the hop side of the flavor profile.  3.75/5

Phillips bottle rocket india saison ale

apearance: cloudy pale yellow.   with a thin soapy head 

Smell:  Hops and more hops  maybe a hint of caramell on the finish. 

Taste: medium hops  dry malts   its kinda light.  

Mouthfeel:  thin body  high carb  goes down easy 

Overall:  reasonably flavorfull  but still on the light side   could be something to get people into hopy beers?  3/5  

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rekorderlig wild berrys

swedish pear and apple cider flavored with wild berry's  

Aroma: tart and like berry's 

taste: sweet, tart,  it kind of tastes like berry's.  

mouthfeel:  medium body high carb.  she's a creeper.  

overall:  similar to the elderflower without the spiciness.  and a hint of fruitiness.  fruits come out more in the aroma than the taste.  2/5 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Rekorderlig elderflower

a swedish pear cider   flavored with elderflowers. 7% abv 
appearance: clear.
smell: not much smell. kinda tart smelling. 

taste: sweet tart and floral kinda spicy.  

mouthfeel:  thin and highly carbonated.  goes down easy. 

overall:   not too bad  dont mind this.  2.5/5

Monday, 7 April 2014


5.2% abv 

Appearance.  small head that dies down to a skim but laces thinly

Smell: slightly earthy and piney hops over a grainy malt body. 

Taste: fairly forward hops over a mild grainy malt.   

mouthfeel: medium body and high carbonation.  

Overall:  taste is much bolder than the smell.  not too bad. 2.75/5

Sunday, 6 April 2014


4.9% abv 

appearance:  large fluffy head  and crystal clear yellow  small amounts of lace.

Smell: light hops and slightly grainy malt aroma. 

Taste: verry light flavor  but the malt and hops are balanced

mouthfeel:  medium body  with a strong fluffy carbonation.  

overall:  perhaps a good starter beer  really unoffensive but not terribly interesting.  2.5/5 

Dab dortmunder export


appearance: clear golden lots of carbonation with a thin head that seems to lace  somewhat 
smell: earthy hops with a mild malt sweetness. 

taste: chewy wheat backbone with  mild earthy hop background. 

mouthfeel: high carbonation with a thick mouthfeel.  big feeling but drinkable. 

 overall a thick beer with a mild flavor profile.  wheat or barley sandwich indeed.  3/5 

Saturday, 5 April 2014


4.8% German pilsner. 

appearance  huge soapy head crystal clear 

Smell: earthy resiny hops mild malt aroma. 

taste  piney hops with a balanced crystal malt body.  mild bitterness.  

mouthfeel:  medium carbonation.  and a thinish body.  goes down easy. 

overall :  a flavorfull but still well mannered beer.  3/5  

Friday, 4 April 2014


a 4.1% strawberry fruitbeer. 

appearance:  cloudy pink  no head 

Smell: smells like macerated strawberrys.

Taste: sweet  strawberry that goes into tart trapist like malt.  can taste a hint of booseyness.

mouthfeel: thin mouthfeel  energetic carbonation. 

overall:  very simple tasting fruitbeer. 2.75/5 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Leifmans fruitesse

Appearance:  chunky hazy deep red  with a head that dies to a ring and a small skim 

Smell :  HUGE Cherry candy sweetness 

Taste: tart cherry up front  then goes to a strawwberry sweetness then a razberry bitterness. beer is close to nill.  

mouthfeel: medium body and a zippy carbonation. 

overall:  big fruit flavors sweet and tart at the same time would make an excellent desert beer. 3/5 

Schofferhofer grapefruit

2.5%abv heffeweizen mixed with grapefruit. 
Appearance:  cloudy pink orange with a head that dies to a ring around the edge. 

Smell:  bitter grapefruit with a hint of wheat. 

Taste: sweet grapefruit that then goes into a mild bittterness a light heffeweizen sweetness on the finish.  

mouthfeel:  thin but zippy carbonation.  like drinking a soda.  

overall : delicious a bit sweet but super drinkable.  perfect for a hot summer day.   or someone who doesn't like beer that much.  3.9/5

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Innis and gunn oloroso cask

appearance:  copper orange  almost no head retention. 

Aroma:  grapes wine and a bit malt sweetness

Taste: heavily oaked grape must.  kinda boozy.  malty sweet half way through and  earthy dryness from the hops on the finish. 

mouthfeel:  heavy body with mild carbonation.  medium drinkibility.    but the boozyness detracts from it.  

Thoughts:  quite an experience an enjoyable one though.  4/5  typical I&G quality and off the wall presentations.

Monday, 3 March 2014

St george absinthe verte


aroma:  black licorice or star anise.  

 taste: without sugar:  star anise  cinnimin pepermint  basil.  kinda hot  and numbing. 
 with one sugar pack.  and more water.  similar but without the heat.  tongue is got a soapy numbness to it.   not recomended with food if you wish to taste it.  

conclusion:  a definite experirence.  will have to perhaps come back to this at a later time.  after getting it dialed in 


Friday, 31 January 2014

Keiths galaxy hop.

the third offering from  alexander keith's in their hopp series and pulls up at a 5.5%abv 
Appearance:  copper with a sudsy off white head.  

Smell:  mango then hops over top a caramel malt. 

Taste:  mango over lightly bitter hops  over a  crisp malt body with a light bitter citrus peel on the finish

mouthfeel: kinda thin light carbonation. easy drinking

Overall:  maybe the best of the 3  hop series beers from keiths. could be a good starting point for people to look at more hop emphasized beers.  3.75/5

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

omme gang three philosophers.

the three philosphers is a quad ale at 9.7% abv
appearance:  dark brown with a yellowish head. 

smell: strong ripe fruits aroma. over a caramel malt. 

Taste: strong wine like flavor that flows into a mild alcoholl bitterness  and finishes on a grainy note. 

mouthfeel:  its warm on the swallow with a kinda bitey carbonation.  body is thick  its a sipper.

Overall:  complex flavors but kinda boozy  hits you pretty hard.  4/5

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Delirium tremens

8.5 abv tripple from belgium with an interesting bottle.

Appearance huge head that lasts for days. Pale amber body

Smell spicy and fruity but kinda smells like bullognes sausage wtf?

Taste  sweet but boozy dark fruits with the signiture sour belgian yeast finish.

Mouthfeel full oily body with biting medium carbonation its a sipper with the belgian finish. 

Overall  an intersting smelling beer thats packs a bit of a punch.  3/5  could be higher if it was less sour on the finish.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Rogue yellow snow ipa

6.5abv ipa from rogue brewing

Appearance cloudy orange body with off white head.

Smell citrus hopps over a feint caramell malt presence.

Taste bitter citrus grapefruit with a little caramell malt on the finish.

Mouthfeel full body with medium light carbonation. Easy drinking.

Overall a hopp bomb thats easy to drink 4.5/5

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Apperance big fluffy tan head

Smell malty sweet and belgian

Taste belgian estery fruity malty with earthy finish

Mouthfeel thick oily medium carb fairly easy drinking.

Overall a really good belgian quad 4.5/5

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Unibrou raftman


Aroma  smokey and kinda sour

Taste. Sweet smokey with belgian yeast finish.

Mouthfeel medium body low carb

Overall a lovely beer and it dident give me an allergic Reaction 4.8/5

Rogur roguenbier rye ale

Apperance  dark with light head

Smell malty  and smokey.

Taste malty smokey  chocolate and earthy hopps.

Mouthfeel . Heavy thick but gows down easy. Medium carb.

Overall. A good smokey heavy beer. 4.5/5