Saturday, 27 October 2012

2009 Menghai 69th Anniversary Beeng -

The music is pumping so Its  Shengpu time!  Today's tea  is one of my favorites.

2009 Menghai 69th Anniversary pu-erh  wich i purchased back in early 2010 from

a blurb from the steepster page for this tea:
To Celebrate its 69th Anniversary the Menghai Tea Factory has released this tea cake composed of premium blended Mao Cha from the Menghai area (including Ba Da, Elephant and Bu Lang mountains). Nice blend of powerful cha qi laden raw tea makes this a good choice for aging!

 Anyways before i start on this tea i am going to have some breakfast.  Because this tea is not something to drink on an empty stomach. You may just fall over.

MMM.... that was good now on to the tea!

Amount:  10g  in shengpu yixing 120ml 90c

Rinse @90c 
First infusion : Flash (length of pour) 
Ok here comes the weird tasting notes:  woody smokey light astringency orange peel  and BBQ sauce????  yea as i said odd. 
Second Infusion:  Flash

Slightly more astringent   a little more woody.  and more citrus peel,  dry chalky finish 

Third infusion: 10s

the BBQ sauce is back.  astringency has ramp'd up a bit also  citrus is dominated by the astringency
4th Infusion: 15s 

citrus now is the main flavor just behind the astringency  still dry.  

5th infusion: 20s (no cup pic erase after pics upload)

Smokey. Dry.

6th infusion:  30s (dry leave pic)

Sweetness is coming through now.

7th infusion: 1m

Mushrooms  and sweetness.

8th infusion 1:30

Sweet  but still dry  odd smoke blast in the extended finish.

9th infusion 2m

Sweet and lightly smokey dry finish.

10th inusion: 3m upping water temp to 100c

sweet and minierals.  still dry

11th infusion:  5m
slightly floral?

12th infusion: 6m
still floral but starting to thin out  may get one or two more infusions out of it. .

13th Infusion: 8m
florals are starting to diminish   right on track for dieing out.

14th infusion 10m


  1. Very interesting, Great review :)

    1. thanks and yes definately interesting. cant wait to see when it reaches a few more years.