Friday, 23 November 2012

Tung Ting Vietnam. - Davids tea

Next up is david's tea Tung Tin Vietnam  and here is what they have to say about it.

 This  is a rare oolong from a small garden in Lam Dong,  Vietnam,  made as a tribute to the tun ting teas of Taiwan. Each leaf is meticulously hand rolled  for a taste that is light,  piney and perfectly balanced 

Amount:  5.3g in dayi gaiwan 85c

1st Infusion:  1:30

floral and buttery sweet  lightly nutty  half way through the cup i get a green vegi flavor last sip yeilded a toasted bread flavor....

2nd Infusion 1:30

Green leafy vegies  slightly floaral and nutty.

3rd Infusion: 2m

nutty green and vegital. a hint of mint?

4th infusion: 2:30

Nutty  still vegital and green tasting.  mild dryness.

5th infsusion 3m

nutty and creamy still green tasting.

6th infusion: 4m

similar to above  flavor is still good though.

7th infusion: 6m

Green tasting

8th infusion: 10m

back to buttery but this tea is done.


Final thoughts:  A nice Oolong  that seems to have extremely low oxidation tastes more like a green in later steepings than a Oolong   not amazingly complex but enough to hold your attention for the full duration of the session.  If approached mentally like a green tea more than a Oolong you may get much more enjoyment out of it .

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