Monday, 26 November 2012


Duvel  a beer i'v been wanting to try ever since getting into beer   rated at  8.5%abv  from Belgium  expirary date 12/2013

Pour: hazy straw colour  with a 2 finger fluffy head that lasts leaves small pieces of lacing.

Aroma:  citrus yeasty

Taste: sweet malt yet still retains the sour belgian yeast  mild citrus and earthy.  then wine like alcohol  warm going down. with a aftertaste of uncooked grain.

Mouthfeel:  thick highly carbonated.  goes down fairly easily  but you know its a creeper.

final thoughts:   good ale to warm you up in winter  not as amazing as i'v heard but good solid beer that will put you on your backside if not careful.  4/5

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