Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bai Mu Dan - nourish tea

well im going to do a review on something everyone should be able to pick up. the "nourish tea" bai mu dan. that and the green are the only teas i'd think of trying from them. so ill do one on the green later on. 

ok here it is its packaging. nice tin 50g for $5.99 not terrible. there's some writing on the back about the dude and his mission statement for the company bla bla bla then it goes into a blurb about the tea and they say 5% goes to hunger fighting bla bla ba. grown in fujian china bla bla bla smooth velvety taste. ok on to the tea! 

this is what it looks like. bai mu dan is known for having a lot of broad leafs in it due to being a lower grade of white. 

ok 5.2g @ 80c for 30s : intense citrus aroma. dark yellow color. smooth citrus note hint of dryness on the finish. fairly nice. 

2nd infusion 1m: you really notice the oxidation on the leaves in this causing the liquor to be a shocking orange kinda like a sheng. taste is dryer less citrus almost black or Oolong like. possibly over extracted. 

3rd infusion 1m: again with the bright orange color similar flavor look to be able to go on for around 5 infusions. not going to continue on with writing about it 

final conclusion: its a decent tea at a good price a bit off on the whole being a pure white but its fairly good none the less. for people getting into tea or not having a quality tea store in town or you just need a quick tea fix. i'd say go for it.

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