Saturday, 24 November 2012

Gao-Shan (Wen Shan Mountain) - It's About Tea

To start today's tea-o-thon off lets start with Gao-shan  From It's about tea.  heres what they have to say about this tea:

This is a “High Mountain” Oolong grown in the northern region of Taiwan on Wen Shan Mountain at an elevation of 3,000’ (1,200metres). It’s grown in limited quantities and is prized throughout Taiwan as one of the finest oolongs available. The fresh, young leaf is curled and lightly oxidized, so the liquor released has a fresh, crisp flavour, leaving a “sweet-dryness” at the back of your throat. The leaves can be infused multiple times and will release a smooth, soothing flavour each time. This oolong is among the finest available in Taiwan.

Amount: 5.2g in dayi gaiwan 80c

First infusion 1:30

Nutty , bready ,and creamy lightly floral on the finish.

Second infusion 1m

Thick and creamy with almost a green tea latte flavor.   tastes like green tea flavored milk.

Third infusion: 1:30

Sweet and creamy  really soothing delicate flavor.

Fourth Infusion: 2m.

Lactose sweetness is giving way to a more green oolong flavor.

Fifth Infusion: 3m

Fresh nuttyness, the lactose sweetness is holding on in the background it has a finish of leafy greens.

Sixth infusion:  4m @ 85c

Still sweet lightly dry now  slightly green flavor.

Seventh Infusion  5m

More green flavor but still sweet.  Brew is still Thick and creamy.

Eighth infusion:  7m

Dryer but still sweet and green.  seems to have quite a bit more life left in it.

Final thoughts   A lovely sweet thick creamy tea that will be great for beginners getting into Oolongs.  not amazingly deep or complex but the flavors it dose have are of the highest pleasantness a great evening drink for those who want something to sooth them to sleep.  

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