Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tarry Lapsang Souchong-It's About Tea.

 To finish the night off  lets have some lapsang souchong from  It's About Tea this is what the vendor has to say about it

A taste adventure for the connoisseur of teas. This rich tea has a pine smoke aroma and a tarry flavor. It's a great tea to serve with savory dishes or around the campfire! This tea has a full smoky flavour reminiscent of an evening spent close to the campfire.

Amount: 5g in dayi gaiwan at 95c

First infusion: 30s

Woody smokey not bitter or dry sweet  hint of citrus on the finish.

Second infusion: 30s

Smokey sweet mellow flavor.

Third infusion 1m

Sweet and smokey not too much else.

Fourth infusion:  3m
Smoke  this teas done.

Final thoughts:  This is one of the most well mannered Lapsang's i'v had  it had balanced flavor profile not too much smoke  and it wasn't bitter at all.  a good one to get people into the style of tea.

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