Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dong Ding -It's About Tea

Second tea of today is  Dong Ding  from It's About Tea  Dong ding is one of my personal favorite oolongs  here is what the vendor has to say about it.

Formosa Dong Ding Oolong – One of the finest oolongs in the world, from the Dongding region of Taiwan. It is grown at an altitude of over 4,000 feet. Highly aromatic, full-bodied with a lingering aftertaste.

Amount:  5g in Dayi gaiwan 85c

First infusion: 1:30

Light floral creamy slightly toasted..

Second infusion: 1 m

Nutty floral creamy

Third infusion 2m

Foral and sweet

Fourth infusion 3m

Sweet floral and lightly green tasting.

Fifth infusion 4m.

Sweet green with a mineral like note

Sixth infusion 5m 90c

Minerals i think its best to cut this one short.

Final thoughts:  not the best Dong Ding i'v ever had but its a solid tea.   not as floral or nutty as other's i'v had and also not as long winded as others but still good solid tea.

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