Friday, 23 November 2012

DIKOM- It's about tea

So im about as lost as you are on this one.  The vendor has no info on this tea at all.  i bought it from It's about tea and it has absolutely no info on it.  so lets get right to it.

Ammount: 5.2g in dayi gaiwan at 95c

First infusion. 30s

Dark dry slightly bitter lightly citrus  a lot like a normal black.

Second infusion: 30s

Dark dry not terribly complex.

Third infusion:  1m

Lighter flavor but still dry. bitter walnuts

Fourth infusion: 2m

Significant flavor loss tastes creamy and still dry.

just tried the teapot method  6g in half pot of brown teapot.  3 minutes.  
it tastes like a mix of first and 4th infusions.  so i stand by my words its ok on its own but might be inhanced with sugar or cream.

Final thoughts:  Not terribly complex but a nice tea for guests who add sugar and cream to their teas they would likely be impressed with it.  Could easily be a every day staple tea.

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