Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dong Ding - Jas-etea

Today music is flowing  so its tea time.

Dong Ding from  jas-etea  not the same stuff I'm drinking but the newer higher quality stock he just got in.

Stephens blurb for  the new dong ding:

Doi Mae Salong Dong Ding Blue Pearls Oolong Tea, rolled, handpicked, Doi Mae Salong, North Thailand. This exceptional tea, imported to Northern Thailand by local producers a few years after the millenium change from Taiwan's Dong Ding region, was harvestet there for the first time in 2011, with more than convincing results.
The DMS Dong Ding Blue Pearls owes its name to its prevailing milky note, which is characteristic for this tea. The mild sweetness of this somewhat less than medium fermented tea spontaneously evokes strong associations with milk sugar indeed, along with a touch of honey, while the tea's scent only slightly hints at that sweetness. Other than with flavored 'milky' Oolongs, the milky aroma here, though prevalent in taste, is unobtrusive, follows through with facetted development in further infusions, and shows sustained resonance. The pleasantly mild , slightly blooming typical Oolong taste provides this note with a wide and rich basis for a perfect and rounded off tea experience.
In the nomenclature of this tea, DMS means the cultivation region Doi Mae Salong, Dong Ding hints at the plant species’ region of origin in Taiwan, Blue stands for Oolong tea, and Pearls is due to the rolled form given to the tea leaves in the processing. The beautiful, carefully handpicked, rolled leaf that opens up fully within half a minute in the hot water, gives a clear caramel and golden yellow color in the infusion.
For the best taste results, we recommend using approximately 3 - 5 grams of this Oolong tea with 300ml water, an infusion temperature between 80°C and 85°C, and an infusion period of 1 - 3 minutes. The aromatic and taste profile is sustained without loss for at least 4 to 5 infusions.

Lets get to the tea!

5.2g in dayi gaiwan and 80c


First infusion 1:30.

Citrus and floral with a light toasted nut.

Second infusion 1m

Citrus citrus citrus with a bit of florals.

Third infsuon 1:30

Floral and roasted

4th infusion 2m wont be putting more pic's til the final leaf shot.

Lime peel and walnut shells.

5th infusion 2:30.


6th infusion 3m

Hmm light young sheng like astringency weird?

7th infusion 4m

Creamy floral

8th infusion

Similar to above.

Final thoughts: yummy a floral citrus and long lived this tea has LOTS more life in it. i wouldent be suprised if it got to 15 infusions.


  1. Thanks for the nice writeup Lance! Sincerely appreciate it.

    1. i honestly wasn't going to have Oolong today but it was a comity decided. i enjoyed it immensely though.