Friday, 2 November 2012

how I roast my coffee

Today lets venture into the basement and dig out that o'l popcorn popper, and lets roast some coffee!

First you should build your blend.  Or if your going to S.O. it figure out how much you want to use.

Then you heat up your popper

Plop those beans in

Starting to change color

First crack begins

First crack in full swing

First crack is done cinnamon /light roast.

On its way to second crack.

Second crack starts. city roast.  (medium)

City+ roast  30s into second crack.

What are all these cracks you may ask?   when roasting coffee you are essentially caramelizing the sugars in the coffee seeds/beans.  With this heat  the moisture in the bean builds up until it escapes in a "crack" sounds kinda like popcorn.   Second crack  is similar but it can have so much energy that it can blow off chunks of the bean. its not quite as loud as the first crack but it has more of a forceful crack noise to it.   Most people choose to stop not too long after second crack begins  depending on the bean it of course.  If roasting to a high degree be sure to keep a fire extinguisher handy because at a high roast level  fire is a hazard.

On to storage!  This is something i found on the B&B fourms  you know those one way valves from coffee bags?  cut that out of a old bag and drill a hole just smaller than the valve in the lid of a sauce or mason jar something air tight. Then friction fit the valve into the lid.  Voila you have a air tight coffee storage device that will off gas the co2 produced by the resting beans.  

Fresh coffee should be given at least 24 hours to rest and off gas or else you may have a bad tasting cup.

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