Monday, 19 November 2012


what am i doing? i must be mad.   MUAhahahahah

today i am experimenting with pu erh.

my concoction.
08 7532  3g
08  8582 2g
08 7542  2g
02 dayi shou 2g

lets get this started.

2 rinses at boil.

1st flash infusion

Smokey dry woody

2nd infusion 10s

citrus and dried fruit with smoke and woods. still dry.

3rd infusion 15s

smokey and woody really dry.

4th infusion 30s.

tangy and dry.

5th infusion 40s

similar to above.


  1. Very interesting combination. Have never thought about mixing a ripe tea with raw pu-erh. May have to try that experiment myself.

    1. i would like to see your findings though maybe using a little more Shou may be in order to counteract the dryness of really young sheng.