Saturday, 24 November 2012

Formosa Grade A black tea- It's About Tea

for the second tea of today  my all time favorite black tea.  Grade A Formosa from it's about tea and here is what they have to say:

This tea is smooth and full-bodied with sweet tones and finish.

Amount: 5g in dayi gaiwan 95c

First infusion: 30s

Slightly dry floral citrus honey.  reminds me of earl grey.

Second infusion: 30s

Big floral citrus earl grey note.

Third infusion:  1m

Floral  lightly creamy and dry sweetness.

4th infusion  1:30

Creamy floral and citrus.

5th infusion: 2m

Floral and creamy not much other flavors left.   could definitely go longer if i wanted. 

Final thoughts:   By far the most fragrant straight tea i'v had the pleasure of trying.  dry its like fruit loops.  This is Definitely a self drinking tea.  very well mannered and a great step up for those who enjoy the flavor of earl grey tea.

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