Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lung Ching Superior - Its About Tea

First from the new haul will be one i'v been looking forward to for quite some time.  Lung/Long Ching  from Its about Tea. A well known and sought after tea from china.

This is what the vendor has to say about it:

Lung-Ching (Dragon’s Well) – Superior Grade – Harvested at the beginning of the spring season, the leaves are traditionally picked before “Tomb-Sweeping Day” in April and before the spring rains. When the leaves are infused they unfurl displaying one perfect tea bud and a leaf. The liquor is a beautiful, bright, emerald green and the flavour is smooth, gentle and slightly sweet. The leaves can be infused at least four times, each time releasing more delicate flavour. This tea is a green tea lover’s delight.

Lets brew this: 

4.7g  in dayi gaiwan  80c 

First infusion: 2m 

Hmm this is unlike anything i'v ever had before.  I cant seem to wrap my head around what im tasting.  It's heavy almost roasted but its got this almoast herbal medicinal taste to it.. Maybe i steeped too long?. 

Second Infusion: 1:30

Light dryness on the tongue but a seaweed bitterness? there is also a deceptive lactate sweetness ghosting around too. Roasted nuts also float around on the pallet.  Extended finish has a hint of citrus? 

Third Infusion: 2m

Light flavor  mostly nutty, sweet.  Now im getting why people love this tea. 

Fourth infusion: 3m

Creamy nutty sweet slightly seaweed. 

Fifth infusion: 4m

Similar to above. 

 Final thoughts:
At first this tea  most likely due to my own blunder was throwing me for a loop.  but once I finally got it settled down it turned into something truly lovely.  It's nutty vegital creamy sweet and not grassy or astringent at all.  I  will likely re visit this blog post when i get how to brew this properly from the start and edit it.

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