Saturday, 24 November 2012

Keemun (Hao Ya B) - It's About Tea

To finish today off  is Keemun (Hao Ya B) from It's About Tea  here is the writeup they provide on this tea :

Keemun (STD-1110) Hao Ya B 2009 – Known as the “Burgundy of Tea” due to its superb bouquet. Our Keemun is produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province, China. Keemun is a unique black tea produced from small leaf green tea bushes unlike Assam’s from India which are produced from large leaf tea bushes. Keemun is harvested and processed towards the end of April, a little later than most other varieties of China Teas. Keemun is lower in caffeine but is full in flavour. The dry leaf is small and twisted in shape and produces a deep red liquor. The flavour is sweet with a slight “plumy” note and a hint of cocoa, with no bitterness. The flavour is strong enough to stand up to the addition of milk and/or sugar.

Amount: 5g in dayi gaiwan 95c 

First infusion : 30s 

Light delicate flavor  slightly roasted or smokey  with dark ripe fruit  flavors 

Second Infusion: 30s 

creamy and fruity.  light dryness 

Third infusion: 1m 

more lactose bit more dryness and less fruity.  

Fourth infusion: 2m. 

lightly smokey  less dry  and slightly sweet on the finish.  

Final thoughts:  A lovely delicate and intricate tea  that has some staying power to put up with additives   not that i would want to put anything in this.  this would place 3rd in my black tea list currently  definitely recommended for a black tea fan.  

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