Monday, 3 June 2013

Yun Cui - Davids tea.

Yun Cui from David's  tea and heres what they have to say about it:
    "Named 'Green cloud" after its mountaintop birthplace in jiangxi provence, this hand-crafted Chinese green is sheer bliss."

Well I'll be the judge of that just shortly.

Ammount:  4.1g in dayi gaiwan 80c water.

1st steep: 1m

Color is a pale yellow and has a light nutty flavor with a finish of grassyness.  Quite mild flavor for a green tea.  Slight dryness on the tip of the tongue at the end of the first cup.

2nd steep: 30s

Grassyness has become sharper,  more vegital, dryer  but not astringant, Still slightly nutty.

3rd steep 1:30

Flavor has mellowed out even more the grassyness has all but disapeared, nuttyness is still present but not as forward as before.  the dryness is also gone. but its not bland either.


mostly whole leaves that were rolled looks to be fairly high quality production.

Thouths: mild nutty and grassy green nice for spring/early summer sipping due to its light flavors and medium steep temps. 

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