Thursday, 6 June 2013


Today i got given two tins of this tea its supposedly a black tea that is supposed to be "healthy"  this is what they have to say.

" this predperation is made from famous Fukien tea together with 12 kinds of medicinal herbs .............  A concoction of well tested herbalists prescription for resoling bodily fat and reducing weight. it reduces cholesterol of the aged thus preventing atherosclerosis and high blood pressure and heart disorders. this tea will make women feel young and slim and full of youthful beauty  it also rids you of bad breath and erosion of the lip and tongue."

wow thats a lot to be claimed by a tea.

ammount :  4.9g in dayi gaiwan 100c

1st steep: 30s
dosent smell offensive like most medicinal teas. Tastes like a roasted tea and a black with a small hint of smoke and wet cloth slight bitterness on the finish, not offensive though.

2nd steep: 1m
Darker more charred flavor heavy bitterness.  Definitely a tea that would stand up to milk and sugar. its like drinking cofftea lol.

3rd steep: 3m
the medicinals have now overpowered the tea and are starting to come through.  though the mustyness is still present but not as noticeable.

leaves: consisting of large whole leaves and lots of broken chips of leaves also that look like they have been roasted.

Thoughts: if the mustiness wasn't there  it would be a decent tea.  perhaps the tin i have is old?  it was given to my by my mother and who knows how long she has had it.  i do have a sealed can so i will edit this when I try the new one.

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