Sunday, 2 June 2013

Davids's organic breakfast - davids tea

From DT's blurb.
   "A blend of black teas from India, China and Sri Lanka, this is the kind of tea that puts you in a great mood, inspires harmonious relationships and makes you productive."

how lovely this is the first review of the lovely tea connoisseur gift set my auntie got me for christmas.


Ammount:  4.1g  in dayi gaiwan with boiling water.

1st steep: 30s
deep red amber color  with Lots and Lots of oil swirling on the surface.  Creamy lactose like sweetness with a slight hongcha dryness rather mild in flavor.  quite lovely actually.
2nd Steep: 1m
slightly earthy with light briskness.  the finish yeilds a slitght tangyness to it.

3rd Steep: 3m
flavors been washed away leaving just dryness in its wake.

leaves:  consist of mostly torn and rolled broad leaf with the ociasional stem. typical hongcha preperation.

thoughts.  delightfull first infusion perhaps good for two if agressive with steeping.  a nice well mannered hongcha.

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