Tuesday, 30 July 2013

unibroue - La fin du monde

La Fin Du Monde   the end of the world,  an award winning Canadian Belgian triple ale. 9%abv and 750 ml
i personally have had this beer before  and as with pretty much every unibroue beer i'v been mildly allergic to it  so hopefully i'v built up a bit of an immunity to it.

pour: hazy yellow with a soapy white head that disappears quickly

Aroma: yeasty  and spicy aroma

Taste:  Spicy warm a bit of alcohol
 slightly sweet with a grainy aftertaste. really complex

Body: medium to thick  kinda oily

thoughts.  just as good as i remember  and about 40 min after started drinking the sneezing starts.  well have to drink more of this great beer to try and get an immunity built up 4.75/5

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