Monday, 29 July 2013

tree brewing cut throat pale ale.

tree brewing  cutthroat west coast ale.   brewed in kelowna bc canada 5% abv.
according to the can its 36ibu and uses perle, centenial, golding , cascade and columbus hops   and pale , light munich, honey, Vienna, and crystal malts  and has a medium body.

Appearance: clear copper with a pillowy off white head.

Smell: citrus earthy piney hops. over honey like malt.

Taste: bitter hoppyness, citrus  over a thin malt background.  vegital after note.

body:  kinda thin with light carbonation

thoughts:  its light body bu decent body makes it a decent session beer, it could use more malts  but at least it doesn't taste like licking pennies.  2/5  better than a macro lager but tree makes a much better beer for less.

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