Monday, 27 May 2013

teasperiment- roasted shoucha

I have been gone a long time.  Lack of motivation and need for a change of venue have lead me to move my tea area again and its back in the basement in hopefully a nicer photo envirenment.  well on the expirement.

so before i get ahead of myself  today we are going to be experimenting with the idea that back in the say 7th centruy  tea was prepared by roasting the tea wich was packed in brick form pu erh style  and then grinding it up and boiling it wile stiring with a wisk.  i am going to deviate from this slightly and prepare it japanese matcha style. (which was aparently invented in the Song dynasty iirc 1200ad?) anyways 

6.1g of shoupu of 10years old menghai in production.

put in a pot

roasted over an open flame. 

put into the mortar and pestil

after getting a sore arm.

sifted in a super fine tea strainer. 

all done

now onto the matcha prep utensiles

soaking the wisk.

dosing the tea 3 scoops

adding the watter   100c (it is shou pu erh so better be safe\)


 well derp  too darn hot to hold.   aroma is of genmaicha like toastedness and tastes kinda like dirt or charcoal. ... perhaps a failure. will come back to this experiment some other time with a better tea and perhaps not roasting it.  perhaps a oolong or a black tea.

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