Wednesday, 20 February 2013

bulk barn darjeeling

so being tipped off wile i was in the neiboring city that there was loose tea at "bulk barn" i decided to go check it out.   well low and behold it had a selection of mostly flavored bulk tea, but two caught my eye. the tea we are having to day and an Assam ctc for some rediculously low prices.  picking up about 60g total tea cost about $2

ammount  4.9g in 1 cup teapot at 95c

1st infusion 1:30

tangy sweet slightly brisk almost tobacco grandma says their is a Mellon like note to it.

2nd infusion 1m

tobacco note has intensified and briskness is about the same black pepper note on the finish.

Thoughts:  its not terrible but its not great either.  it was definitely an experience though.  might make a interesting ice tea

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