Friday, 21 December 2012

2009 Snow Dragon -jas-etea

today i'll be using up the last of my snow dragon for you guys.  I got it 2 years ago or so from Jas-etea  and as it stands the tea is no longer available from him  and so i have no info on it.  asides from it was marketed as a green.

ammount  5.6g in dayi gaiwan 80c

First infusion: 2m

slightly tart  but it has a earthy mineral bitterness to it

Second infusion: 1m

along with the mineral bitterness there's a slight green Sheng dryness to it.

Third infusion 1:30s

flavors the same.  gona stop here.

Thoughts:  in other times i'v had it it's been nice but that was ages ago so sitting in its plastic bag may have killed the flavor of it  and that its 4 years old so at this age and this storage method did not do good for this tea.  If Stephen decides to carry this tea again i'd be willing to come back to it and give it another chance.

moral of the story.  drink your tea when its fresh :(  

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