Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rekorderlig wild berrys

swedish pear and apple cider flavored with wild berry's  

Aroma: tart and like berry's 

taste: sweet, tart,  it kind of tastes like berry's.  

mouthfeel:  medium body high carb.  she's a creeper.  

overall:  similar to the elderflower without the spiciness.  and a hint of fruitiness.  fruits come out more in the aroma than the taste.  2/5 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Rekorderlig elderflower

a swedish pear cider   flavored with elderflowers. 7% abv 
appearance: clear.
smell: not much smell. kinda tart smelling. 

taste: sweet tart and floral kinda spicy.  

mouthfeel:  thin and highly carbonated.  goes down easy. 

overall:   not too bad  dont mind this.  2.5/5

Monday, 7 April 2014


5.2% abv 

Appearance.  small head that dies down to a skim but laces thinly

Smell: slightly earthy and piney hops over a grainy malt body. 

Taste: fairly forward hops over a mild grainy malt.   

mouthfeel: medium body and high carbonation.  

Overall:  taste is much bolder than the smell.  not too bad. 2.75/5

Sunday, 6 April 2014


4.9% abv 

appearance:  large fluffy head  and crystal clear yellow  small amounts of lace.

Smell: light hops and slightly grainy malt aroma. 

Taste: verry light flavor  but the malt and hops are balanced

mouthfeel:  medium body  with a strong fluffy carbonation.  

overall:  perhaps a good starter beer  really unoffensive but not terribly interesting.  2.5/5 

Dab dortmunder export


appearance: clear golden lots of carbonation with a thin head that seems to lace  somewhat 
smell: earthy hops with a mild malt sweetness. 

taste: chewy wheat backbone with  mild earthy hop background. 

mouthfeel: high carbonation with a thick mouthfeel.  big feeling but drinkable. 

 overall a thick beer with a mild flavor profile.  wheat or barley sandwich indeed.  3/5 

Saturday, 5 April 2014


4.8% German pilsner. 

appearance  huge soapy head crystal clear 

Smell: earthy resiny hops mild malt aroma. 

taste  piney hops with a balanced crystal malt body.  mild bitterness.  

mouthfeel:  medium carbonation.  and a thinish body.  goes down easy. 

overall :  a flavorfull but still well mannered beer.  3/5  

Friday, 4 April 2014


a 4.1% strawberry fruitbeer. 

appearance:  cloudy pink  no head 

Smell: smells like macerated strawberrys.

Taste: sweet  strawberry that goes into tart trapist like malt.  can taste a hint of booseyness.

mouthfeel: thin mouthfeel  energetic carbonation. 

overall:  very simple tasting fruitbeer. 2.75/5 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Leifmans fruitesse

Appearance:  chunky hazy deep red  with a head that dies to a ring and a small skim 

Smell :  HUGE Cherry candy sweetness 

Taste: tart cherry up front  then goes to a strawwberry sweetness then a razberry bitterness. beer is close to nill.  

mouthfeel: medium body and a zippy carbonation. 

overall:  big fruit flavors sweet and tart at the same time would make an excellent desert beer. 3/5 

Schofferhofer grapefruit

2.5%abv heffeweizen mixed with grapefruit. 
Appearance:  cloudy pink orange with a head that dies to a ring around the edge. 

Smell:  bitter grapefruit with a hint of wheat. 

Taste: sweet grapefruit that then goes into a mild bittterness a light heffeweizen sweetness on the finish.  

mouthfeel:  thin but zippy carbonation.  like drinking a soda.  

overall : delicious a bit sweet but super drinkable.  perfect for a hot summer day.   or someone who doesn't like beer that much.  3.9/5