Sunday, 17 November 2013

Jasmine silver pearls: its about tea.

I am not usually one for  overly floral teas like jasmines, but these are supposed to be really good so i decided to give them a try.

I used 7 pearls in my dayi gaiwan. @80c

1st inufsion 1m : aroma is very floral  and the taste is floral and delicate. 

2nd infusion 1m: floral-ness is increased but not overbearing.

3rd infusion 2m:  floras are even more pronounced but the tea is starting to battle its way forward.

4th infusion 4m:  same intensity as before tea is starting to wind down.  I dont foresee it getting any more intense or complex. so I'll save you from reading more of the same. 

overall:  its a very well mannered tea with lots of floral presence and delicateness  a good tea for beginners,  the leaves are mostly whole 2 leaves and a bud.  excellent quality.  the actual jasmine has dissipated in the bowl.