Saturday, 28 September 2013

Teaware and "just us " oolong

After such a long absence I am back with a new teaware find and a new tea which I actually found in town, miracles will never cease.  So here's a couple shots of the cups I bought which are made by a localish artist: Susan Davar,  a resedent of Onanole mb

And now the tea.  Its an oolong that I bought from the new bistro in town.
6.1g in dayi gaiwan 90c
1st: 1m
Dark almost like a black tea so higher oxidation kinda nutty dry finish.
2nd. 30s
Dark fruits and dryness verry dark for an oolong plesent but not complex
3rd. 1m
Less dark more floral. Still dry.
4th 2m.
Flavor has pretty much died down to something like a standard black tea.

Thoughts? A reasonably priced tea but nothing spectacular. Imo its about 10% too oxidised the aroma is nice though.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak   is a triple at 10.5%

Appearance:  off white head that stays for days and a mahogany body.

Smell: Malts with earthy hops peaking through. 

Taste: MALTY and kinda boozy. with really earthy hops in the finish. really fruity

mouthfeel: thick and medium carbonation. warm going down.

thoughts  a verry good  heavy boozy beer extremely complex and a definate pick up.  a beer lovers must try.  4.9/5 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cheetah beer and curry

Wile In brandon I decided to try the highest rated restaurant in the city and here is the the waiters pick of best beer offered.  Cheetah 

Appearance  pale straw color nearly no head.
Aroma sweet citrus hops under honey caramel malt.
Taste crisp smooth and kinda sweet with a hint of green hops.
Mouthfeel light and kinda thin
Overal a plesent lager.

I had the goan prawn curry and mom had the chili chicken  both were delicious with the goan being really delicate and the chicken being more robust and spicy. Best curry iv had in a really long time.
Prices were decent id recomend it the atmosphere was nice too.