Friday, 16 August 2013

Davids Tea - Tie kuan yin

Well slowly but surely i'v been working my way though the davids tea sampler pack i have and todays tea is:

Tie Kuan Yin  and you can buy it here and this is what they have to say about it: 

Many years ago, a poor farmer had a dream: the goddess of mercy, Kwan Yin, came to him and spoke of a great treasure in a nearby cave. When he went there, he found a single tea shoot. He planted it and it grew. So he gave cuttings to his neighbours, and they all prospered by creating a beautiful, flowery oolong. Our version is hand-produced on a small family garden near the Wuyi Mountains. (MK Kosher)

5g in dayi gaiwan @ 85c 

1st: 2m:  light, sweet, and lightly floral no real complexity to speak of. 

2nd: 1m: a light nuttiness has appeared with a slightly green note in the finish. 

3rd: 2m: Greener , Nutty-er with a slight dryness on the finish. 

4th: 2m: minerals are starting to show through time to crank up the time. 

Sadly thats all i'v got for this tea sofar since i'v been torn away from my session by unexpected  errands.

thoguhts sofar  is  its an ok tea but its not nearly as special as some that i have tried.